What is a T-Shirt shop and how can I put up my own t-shirts there?

Get Started and Design Your Own Custom T-shirt Today

Design Your Own T-shirt Today

The site is in its early stages, which means much less work for you in order to set up your very own online t-shirt shop. Simply send us your designs (high quality .png files with transparents backgrounds) and let us know what garments would like them on (inc. colours). Then all you need to do is think of what you would like to call your shop. Thats it, we’ll do the rest for you. Your designs should be in your shop within one working day (we have to check designs are appopriate and of good enough quality to print/embroider). And the best part is this is all FREE! We will then decided with you how much you would like to sell your t-shits for.

Once your designs are approved and in your shop you can get to the fun bit of showing off you shop to you fans, supporters, family and friends. Then for each one you sell you will make cash, which will be sent to you at the end of the month. Not bad ‘eh! Later on when GetShirty is all primed and polished you will be able to upload your own deisgns and create your own shops. You will be able to customise your shop front and make them more personal with an introduction to you, a picture or logo…and many more features! Stay tuned! There is more information on the site about creating you own t-shirt shop, or feel free to contact us here at GetShirtyOnline.

Happy Designing,
Yours Shirty
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